Best Practices for Virtual Board Meetings During the Pandemic

Virtual Board Meetings provide an easy way to keep the lines of communication during an outbreak and take rapid decisions. They offer the same benefits to governance as in-person meetings however without the burden of scheduling and travel. These meetings allow non-profit organizations to expand their participant pool by removing geographical barriers. They also allow those with difficulties with accessibility to take part.

Using the best tools will empower your team to gain more control over the meeting and help keep discussions on track, allowing them to make decisions faster. This will enable your organization to stay on the right path and complete its goals after the pandemic.

In order to improve the effectiveness of your virtual meetings, it’s important to plan ahead with an agenda and supporting documents. This will ensure all topics are covered and that the meeting runs on time. It is also important to test your audio and video equipment prior to when the meeting begins and follow proper call etiquette. To avoid background noises that could distract you make sure that you turn off the microphone when you are not speaking. You can also raise your hand to ask a question, make an observation or send an email message.

In order to remain efficient and effective it is important to use the best practices for conducting virtual meetings. Follow these guidelines to ensure that his response your board meetings go smoothly and efficiently.

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