Cloud Management Platforms

Cloud management platforms (CMPs) provide monitoring control and governance tools over multi-cloud environments. They offer a broad set of capabilities for cost management as well as service management monitoring, performance monitoring, security and compliance. CMPs are usually offered as software as a service platform as a solution and infrastructure as a service.

Cloud monitoring:

CMPs provide real-time cloud usage report and alerts, which allow IT teams to monitor usage trends, monitor performance and ensure that the cloud services are up and running. This helps in preventing overspending by identifying inefficient or obsolete cloud usage which can be released for cost savings. CMPs also let organizations create budgets, establish cost control policies and get notifications when spending is over the limit.

Service management:

A quality CMP provides a suite of tools to manage cloud-based services, such as capacity planning and lifecycle management, deployment of workloads, etc. It can automate processes, reduce human interaction and minimize mistakes. A CMP can also assist to identify performance bottlenecks and scale up or down resources in response to demand.


It is essential that the CMP be simple to use and navigate without requiring IT staff to undergo a steep learning curve. It should also include robust security features such as granular data encryption and access controls. It should also allow for the migration of data between clouds and versions of the same platform. A well-designed CMP helps organizations to comply with industry standards.

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