Data Room Providers Review

Data Room Review of Providers

When choosing a virtual data room, you need to evaluate a provider’s features to ensure that they are appropriate to your specific project’s requirements. Consider security features such as multi-factor authentication and session timeouts which can stop data leaks. Document security features include watermarking for spreadsheets, secure spreadsheet viewers and view-only mode which restricts sharing without permission and screenshots.

A VDR should include data hosting and storage and secure internet connections and anti-virus scanners, as well as uptime guarantees and security certificates that will protect your company’s confidential files from cyber-attacks. Pricing models should allow you to choose from a flat rate per project, or one based on features, storage size and users.

The most well-known online data rooms include iDeals, Intralinks and Ansarada. Users have applauded iDeals for its easy-to use interface as well as desktop and mobile applications with multilingual support, as well as video uploads. However, it is not customizable and some users complain that its sophisticated features require a steep learning curve.

Ansarada has been the partner selected in many M&A transactions because of its reputation for security. Its security-first strategy includes several tools that safeguard confidential data during the M&A process. They include granular access rights for users as well as a wide range of workflows that are based around roles. Users also appreciate the flexibility of its pricing plans.

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