Getting the Most Out of Your Board Meeting

Getting the most out of your board meeting requires that you organize discussions that will elicit dedication and leadership. The majority of the time should be spent pondering strategies and approving plans for action, which is why board members are there for and what their varied skills are most useful for.

To show respect to the busy schedules of fellow board members, start the meeting promptly. Do not let the reports of the committee run for too long because this could cause the remainder of the meeting delayed. The chair should summarize the key points of minutes of the last meeting as well as the board agenda before moving on to new items to keep everyone on the same level.

Make sure your board materials are sent out early enough for directors to review them before the meeting, but not so early that the information is stale and lost. The ideal time is two to three days prior to the board meeting, which allows directors ample time for review. A consistent preparation provides board members with the tools they need to concentrate on governance and allows them to attend meetings. Make use of a collaboration tool to share documents for board members so that the entire team can review and edit documents, even after they’re shared. All members will be immediately informed of any changes, keeping everyone on the same on the same page.

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