How to Write Effective Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of board meetings are an essential element of ensuring that good governance is in place for any company or non-profit leading edge secure data room applications organization. Writing effective minutes of board meetings can be challenging. Boards must ensure that they do not include any information that could violate legal or ethical obligations. It’s also important for the person who takes minutes to avoid including any personal opinions or prejudices that could be perceived as unprofessional.

Attendance: A list of people who attended a meeting either in person, or via webcast or phone. This helps to track if a board member was absent or late and helps verify that the correct number of voters were present at each vote.

Agenda The agenda is a list of topics that will be discussed during the meeting. This is typically sent out prior to the meeting to allow the attendees time to read the agenda before the meeting begins.

Minutes: The official record of the meeting, typically written by the secretary of the board or a staff member. Minutes should contain a brief summary for each item, along with the outcome and who was either in favor or against it. The minutes must also be clearly edited and concise to ensure clarity and readability. The final copy should contain all documents referred to in minutes.

Minutes should not contain any side discussions or off the record comments unless they are directly connected to an agenda item. If the discussion isn’t related to the agenda item, it is important to note that the tangent was considered without recording any details.

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