Media Technologies for Business

Media technology is revolutionizing all industries however, it’s most significant in changing the way companies interact with their customers. That’s the reason why a number of companies such as Blockbuster Video and Tower Records have gone out of business, while others struggle to remain relevant in the wake of massive disruption.

Media technologies are the latest technological innovations that aid in the process of mediated communications, which is the process of information that is shared between people or a group through channels such as audio, television, print, or video. It’s the way we get the news, play games and watch television and movies. It also encompasses the technology behind text conversation platforms and social media, like Twitter or Facebook.

The media and entertainment industry has been the most impacted by the advancements in technology. It is crucial for brands to remain flexible and adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Media tech companies are any type of business that combines media and technology to develop innovative solutions. These companies can produce everything from digital content to developing hardware and software for media-related industries.

Students at ESU are able to be immersed in the exciting and evolving world of media technology because our program focuses on hands-on learning. Our undergraduate programs offer an array of classes to help you succeed in this emerging career.

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