The Best File Sharing Services

File sharing tools have become an essential requirement in modern work environments. Before files were transferred using file transfer protocols or transferred to a disk and either mailed or physically handed over to the person who was working with them (often called ‘sneakernet’). The emergence of cloud services that offer file storage and collaborative tools has revolutionized business model. This article focuses on 10 online file sharing solutions ranging from basic to enterprise-level.

A number of the most well-known file-sharing platforms have evolved to become full-fledged collaborative platforms. Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and iCloud all provide file storage and sync, as well as collaboration using mobile and desktop devices. Google’s G Suite bundle also offers file sharing through Google Drive and Google apps. iCloud offers seamless integration and automated sync across Apple’s devices, as well as their operating systems, resulting in a unified cloud platform.

Another outstanding feature of many of these services is the capability to monitor and track the status of shared files. This gives administrators peace of confidence when working with confidential or sensitive documents. The status and tracing features help them keep tabs on how well their documents are being used by whom and where they’ve gone.

As the Bring Your Own Device movement (BYOD) that continues to gain momentum, increases in popularity the line between business and personal data is becoming more blurred. Employees are using consumer-oriented technologies to perform their jobs. Secure file sharing is now more important than ever for small business owners and managers.

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