Tips For Effective Board Member Remote Voting

Even though the days of board meetings that took place in person are long gone, it is still vital that boards have effective voting procedures. With a large portion of an organization’s success relying on the board’s decisions it is crucial that the process is as transparent and efficient as is possible.

Fortunately, the latest technology of video conference and online voting platforms makes it possible for board members to attend meetings and vote remotely. This will save time and money for the organization and the members, making it a valuable solution for people who aren’t able physically make it to meetings in person.

It is important to be aware that voting remotely by board members can come with risks. It is imperative that the board adheres to a strict voting protocol. It’s also important to stay aware of the legality of casting votes via email, as certain states consider it illegal in the absence of certain conditions.

It is essential that the entire board is informed as soon as the results are available. This will eliminate any confusion or miscommunications, and ensure that every member isn’t feeling their opinion has been ignored. Follow these tips to ensure that your board’s voting procedures are as efficient as you can. Govenda is a platform that allows you to manage the voting of your board in an easier secure and efficient manner.

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